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Grant applications

How to apply for a PRTP grant

Paddle Round The Pier (PRTP) Grant Guidelines

Paddle Round the Pier is a Brighton & Hove based charity; promoting water based activities and hosting the world’s biggest free beach festival every July. (Please refer to our website for further information¬† After operating costs, all the money raised at the festival is distributed to local groups through a grant application process. The amount of funding available each year varies, as it is entirely dependent on donations made during the event.

Please bear in mind that our event is very weather dependent and during years when the weekend of PRTP has been very wet, our income is usually considerably lower.

The general criteria for applicants is as follows

  • You must be a voluntary or community organisation with a Sussex address, and/or have the majority of your embers/participants living in Sussex
  • Your organisation must have its own bank account with two unrelated people as signatories
  • Your organisation must have at least three members on its governing body/management group and must have a constitution or a set of rules which includes a dissolution clause
  • You must be able to spend any funding given to you by PRTP within 6 months of receiving the grant (unless you request an extended time frame due to the nature of the project)
  • You must be prepared to provide written feedback and a minimum of 5 images to show how you have spent the money and the difference it has made to your organisation. and be willing to participate in promotional activities organised by PRTP
  • You will be able to show how your organisation will support Paddle 2023. E.g. volunteer to collect at the gates
  • We reserve the right to quote exerts from your application form to demonstrate the difference that a grant from PRTP will make to your organisation.

2022 grant applications

For our awards in 2022 we are seeking applications from groups who can clearly demonstrate the difference that a grant from PRTP will make to your organisation and the people it serves. For example, if you are applying for funding to send someone on a training course, will this enable you to increase your membership / work with more vulnerable participants / offer additional hours?

Grants from PRTP can be used in isolation or as a contribution to a larger project. We ask you to state the cost of your project (any amount up to £2,000) and, if your application is successful, we will contribute some or all of that money depending on funds available.

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