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SUP Sprint Race

SUP Sprint Race

Event details & registration


Grab your board and take part in our 1KM SUP event. Everyone can take part, you choose if you’re there to take part or race! 


Registration for this event is £15 which is to raise funds for The Paddle Round The Pier Charity. There’s also the option to enter this race and The Big Paddle for £25! (see The Big Paddle event page)

  • Your board or craft must be paddled manually. 
  • Anyone who is taking part in the water has to be able to swim a minimum of 100 metres in the sea. 
  • Be able to paddle the craft over the total course yourself. 
  • Absolutely no propellers or engines of any kind. 
  • You must ensure that your board is seaworthy and follow our course. 
  • Our safety team will have the final say on all safety issues including sea conditions. 
  • Take in the atmosphere and enjoy taking part. 
  • Raise as much sponsorship as you can.
On the day

On the day you need to present yourself at the registration tent at least one hour before your event time. Here you can confirm your attendance (for us to pass onto the safety team), hand in or complete any documentation. You can also hand in any paper sponsorship forms. 

You will then be directed to the relevant beach where you will find start marshals. We aim to set off promptly, dependent upon weather and tides. 

You will be responsible for your own delivery/collection of your board and also responsible for your own safety and behaviour.

Access & Safety

For safety, there is no vehicle access to the beach / prom. 

There will be a water safety team on and offshore during the event. 

We strongly advise that all participants wear a personal flotation device. 

Please DO NOT get on your craft before you are past the breaking waves (should there be any) and also dismount your craft before returning to shore – there is a danger in that zone especially with heavy crafts. 

The safety team’s decision is final on all matters.

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